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Coated abrasives are used either directly or indirectly to manyfacture most items we use on a daily basis.

Pacific Abrasive was founded in 1920 as a distributor of industrial supplies.

In 1988 we began to manufacture coated abrasive belts to provide better delivery to our customers. Shortly afterwards we were approached by other companies who also had a need for more timely delivery of product.

In April, 2013 Pacific Abrasive was acquired by Camel Grinding Wheels, Inc.

The rest, as they say, is history.


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Welcome to PASCO!

Many customers are not aware that PASCO is the largest Abrasive Belt fabricator in the United States. PASCO also manufactures other Coated Abrasive Products such as Sheets, Discs, Rolls, Pressure Sensitive Adhesive products, and Specialty Items.

PASCO's objective is to be the most service and quality oriented manufacturer of Coated Abrasive Products in the United States. Orders placed by 3:00 P.M. will ship the same day for any of the 9,000 items we stock. PASCO makes belts from 1/4" wide to 128" wide by any length. For sizes not stocked we ship within 3 days after the date you place the order. In an emergency we can ship in one day. Compare that with your current sources of Coated Abrasive Products.

PASCO buys, from 6 manufacturers of jumbo rolls, from all over the world. We selected the best of what each company has to offer, giving our customers the finest products available, not from one abrasive manufacturer but from 6 manufacturers. With our major vendors we buy full Container Load quantities, (40,000 pounds) to get the most favorable prices and to have adequate inventory to make products to our customer's specifications. Our inventory of Jumbo Rolls will produce about $8,000,000 of finished goods.

PASCO employs 62 people, has 55,000 square feet of office, warehouse and manufacturing space in facilities in Southern California. Our objective is to ship your order within 3 days or less from reciept of your order

We are proud of the service, products and performance of the products we offer. We have the most modern equipment of any Coated Abrasive company in the world. We would like to encourage you to try our products and compare the service, quality, and savings that we offer. We thank you for the opportunity of doing business with your company.


Lyle Rawlins
General Manager