The Bond System...

It's job is to bond to abrasive grain to the backing.

The bond is also engineered to breakdown at a specific rate to yield better performance.


Bond Systems

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Glue Bonds

Glue bond systems use animal hide glues, alone and with fillers. Glue bonds are not as resistant to heat as resin bonds, but do give a finer finish than resin bonds. Glue bonds are more flexible than resin bonds. The major usage of glue bond products is for sheets used in hand sanding operations.

Resin Bonds

Resin bonds offer greater resistance to heat, are more durable in heavy stock removal applications and provide the best all-around bond system. Resin bonds have a tendency to provide a harsher, more scratchy finish in fine grits and is more difficult to polish out. There are two types of resins used for manufacturing coated abrasive products. Urea resins are a weak inexpensive resin that is not much better than a glue bond system. Phenolic resins are very strong and heat resistant. Most abrasive belts utilize the superior phenolic resin bond system.


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